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What should I be doing next?

Review your financial position. Are you making the best of the money you save and invest? Re-evaluate your savings and investments. Are your short-term savings trapped in a low interest account? Free them to earn you more! Are you taking advantage of all the tax breaks available? Do you want to broaden your investment horizons but aren't sure how to go about it? Are you making proper provision for the future through your pension plans?

Take a long careful look at how your existing savings and investments are performing. Are you happy that you are getting the best possible return from them? Do they fit in with your current "risk profile" - should you, if you are getting closer to retirement, be thinking about reducing the level of risk in your portfolio of investments or should you actually be thinking about taking a few more risks if you have plenty of time in which to build up an investment.

Shop around for the best rate for your savings. Remember, you get no reward for loyalty to a financial institution paying a lower rate of interest. Look for savings accounts with rates better than the rate of inflation otherwise the value of your money won't even stand still. Remember, if you are a taxpayer, to check the net rate of interest that you will receive.

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